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방사능오염 측정기, 단종
판매가격  : 1,760,000원 [VAT포함]
브랜드  : Polimaster
제조사  : 러시아
제품코드  : PM-1405
무이자할부  :
소개하기  :
주문수량  :

(방사선량율 및 방사능오염도 측정)

음식물 방사능 측정가능^^

 Survey meter PM1405 Survey meter PM1405
Survey meter PM1405 Survey meter PM1405
Survey meter PM1405 Survey meter PM1405(mm)
Survey meter PM1405(kg)

The РМ1405 survey meter incorporates a large energy compensated GM tube for precise measurement of the ambient equivalent dose rate of the X-ray and gamma radiation in the range from background level to 100 mSv/h (10 R/h). By opening the special screen-filter and choosing beta radiation flux density measurement mode, the instrument allows to estimating the intensity of the contamination of surfaces of various environmental objects from beta radiation sources.
Being compact in size and light weighted the instrument may be used for search, detection and localization of gamma and beta radiation sources. The search process is accompanied by sound and light signals with the intensity of the signal proportional to the radiation rate.


Product features:


Simultaneous and selective measurement of the gamma and beta radiation intensity;
Audible and visual alarms at the levels, exceeding user preset threshold values and in the radiation source search mode;
Non-volatile memory;
PC communication via USB interface and the ability for networking instrument with automatic data collection into a server based centralized database;
Indication of the battery discharge level;
Simple and intuitive user interface.


The unique PM1405 user software allows to connect and network in information system up to three hundred instruments, as well as to carry out direct (software local mode) or remote (software remote mode) control, monitoring and information collection from all connected РМ1405. The user software performs continuous radiation control with transfer of the information from the instrument to a client PC (local mode) and server PC (remote mode).


The PM1405 user software enables:


Higher work efficiency of radiation control services personnel, first responders, employees of security service and customs, as well as personnel whose work includes solving problems of local gamma and beta radiation sources detection or single objects contaminated by gamma and/or beta radiation sources (for example, to determine radioactive contamination of banknotes, scrap, etc.).
Transfer of information about radiation situation on the controlled area or object in online mode;
Creation of automatic reports about control efficiency during the detection of radioactive contamination by beta and gamma sources;
Early warning about probability of radiation contamination
Dose Rate display
0.1 μSv/h - 100 mSv/h (10 μR/h - 10 R/h)
(measurement range of β-flux density)
6 min-1cm-2- 103min-1cm-2
Dose Rate Accuracy
(H – dose rate, μSv/h)

Dose measurement

Dose Accuracy

Energy range
0.05 - 3.0 MeV
(β measuring)
0.1 - 3.5 MeV
Energy response relative to 0.662 MeV

Survive after momentary influence of maximum
permissible gamma radiation within 5 min:

Standards compliance

Alarm type:

Physical Parameters

Dimensions 148 х 85 х 40 mm
Weight 290 g (10.2 oz)
Environmental Characteristics

-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
up to 95 % at 35 °С (95 °F)
Environmental protection
Drop test
0.7 m (2.3 ft) on concrete floor
Water resistant


two AA batteries
Battery lifetime
6 months
Battery discharge control


Countdown timer

Display of time to critical exposure


Calendar mode

PC Communication USB


* 무단수집및 복재를 금합니다 .
제품명 방사능오염 측정기, 단종
판매가격 1,760,000원
브랜드 Polimaster
제조사 러시아
위 상품과 관련된 상품이 없습니다.
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- 다른 제품으로 교환, 또는 이상이 없는 제품과 함께 교환을 원하실 경우 구매자께서 운송비를 부담합니다.

구입제품의 이상이 있을 경우 (색상,사이즈,다른상품교환)
- 구입후 7일이내 교환 가능하며 구매자께서 운송비를 부담합니다.

!! 주의사항
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30만원 이상 구입시 "택배발송" 제품에 한해서 무료배송됩니다.
(제주도를 포함한 도서,산간지역은 항공료 또는 도선료가 추가됩니다.)

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결제방법은 신용카드, 국민/BC(ISP), 무통장입금, 적립금이 있습니다.
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